Electrical Panel Repair


Problems with your breaker panel should be addressed immediately to prevent a number of potential dangers in your home. Though some electrical issues may seem to be nothing more than a nuisance, they can signal bigger problems with your electrical panel that could increase the risk of fire or electrical shock.

Whether you simply need to replace a circuit breaker or if your breaker box needs a complete overhaul, it’s a job for a licensed electrician. Saltside Electric will ensure the electrical panel is working properly according to industry standards, local codes and your home’s electricity requirements.

Most electrical repairs that are limited to the breaker panel can be completed within a few hours, ensuring your home is powered up safely and quickly. More extensive repairs that involve rewiring, service upgrades, or replacing the electrical panel could take a full day or more. All or part of your home may be without power during the repair. Saltside Electric can assess the job up front and give you an accurate estimate of both the time and expense involved.